Lawsuit accuses Tron of illegal working environment and unethical business practices

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Popular blockchain platform Tron has seen its fair share of controversy over the past few years, with critics often targeting the platform's "Hype first, product second" growth strategy as one that is harmful to the appearance of the entire crypto industry.

Now, a new lawsuit filed by two ex-Tron employees seems to shine a light on all sorts of knavery within the controversial company, and although the claims remain unproven, the result of this lawsuit could have a significant impact on the project's future.

Lawsuit against Tron contains claims of labor law violations and toxic workplace environment.

In a recent report from Decrypt, the details surrounding a newly filed lawsuit against Rainberry Inc. - the parent company of both Tron and BitTorrent - are clarified after the attorney representing the two plaintiffs offered greater insight into the motives behind the lawsuit.

Within the report, William Fitzgerald, one of the lawyers representing the two employees, explained that his clients assert that the company's workplace conditions fall outside of the law within California and that Tron founder and CEO - Justin Sun - even committed workplace violence.

The two ex-employees claim that Tron - which has since denied all the allegations - has created a workplace environment that is outside of the "Labor law structures of the state of California," due to management demanding that employees work incredibly long hours without being able to voice any concerns.

The problems don't stop there: Justin Sun accused of violence and unscrupulous business practices.

"The lawsuit filed by Juraszek and Hall also allege Sun, as well as the head of engineering, Cong Li, were violent: Sun allegedly hit Cong Li, and on a separate occasion, Cong Li allegedly struck Zhimin Li, a team manager. Juraszek reported both incidents to management, but neither Sun nor Li were disciplined."

"The pair also raised moral concerns about BTFS, BitTorrent's new decentralized file-sharing service-concerns shared by Fitzgerald-that could see its users being monetarily rewarded for unknowingly storing and distributing illegal content."

Although Tron denies these claims, if the lawsuit makes any meaningful progress within the court system it could prove to be a big issue for the blockchain company.