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Secure Encryption Key Management Modules, Explained
Multiparty computation, or MPC, allows different parties with their own private inputs to conduct a joint computation on their inputs.
Trump's Proposed Budget Snubs Blockchain, Crypto in Crosshairs of Security Service
Earlier this week, the word "Cryptocurrency" made it to the text of one of the United States government's most consequential strategic documents: the Trump administration's budget proposal for the 2021 fiscal year.
Trump's New Budget Would Have Secret Service Investigate Crypto Crimes
President Donald Trump's $4.8 trillion 2021 budget proposal hopes to reconsolidate the Secret Service with the Treasury Department in order to enhance cyber and financial crime investigations.
Trump's 2021 Budget Proposal Seeks to Optimize Crypto Policing
Could it make Secret Service a more efficient Crypto Force?
Smoking Gun: Dutch central bank caught overreaching in local crypto businesses
In the latest a secret memo between the Dutch Central Bank and the Minister of Finance indicates that crypto companies in Holland may face additional rules that go beyond what is outlined in the AMLD5.
New Web App Scans GitHub For Secrets Like Crypto Keys And Passwords
A new web app, called "Shhgit", will scan the web-based GitHub code repository and search for sensitive secrets, such as private crypto keys.
New Tool Will Find Secrets
Coding crypto projects is hard enough without running the risk of losing your private keys.
ZenGo Demonstrates Proof-Of-Concept of a Keyless Wallet for Facebook's Libra
The non-custodial crypto wallet solution ZenGo has created an open source project that purportedly provides proof-of-concept for its ability to support social media giant Facebook's virtual currency Libra, according to an official announcement by ZenGo on July 2.
Former US Senator Rick Santorum Supports New Crypto for Catholics
Former US Senator, neologism, and noted Catholic, Rick Santorum, has come out in support of Cathio, a for-profit organization that will "Provide efficient, secure, and transparent movement of funds within the Catholic world."
Enigma Delays Release of 'Discovery' Protocol on Ethereum Mainnet
Engima, the startup seeking to bring privacy to the world of public blockchains, is delaying the launch of its mainnet as part of a wider reworking of its developmental roadmap.