Udveksle LIFE
44,060,205 USD
24h bind
53,946 USD
Cirkulerende forsyning
86,454,878,952 LIFE
Max Supply
100,000,000,000 LIFE
LIFE Oversigt
Life er et tværnational instrument og forbrugerbelønningssystem til store virksomheder, velgørende organisationer, samfund og innovationsprojekter. Det kan købes, sælges og handles som aktier eller bruges til at købe varer fra et stigende antal detailhandlere.
Konsensus metode
Ethereum Consensus
Status for projektet
Prototype / Mvp
14 months
N / a
Emission Rate
Ingen nye Token er oprettet
Åben kilde
Luke Chittock
Sanjay Jadhav
17 medlem, 3 udviklere
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France's new crypto law grants blockchain-related projects the right to a bank account, provided they opt in to being regulated.
IBM and Seagate Launch Blockchain-Based System to Fight Counterfeit Hard Drives
IBM and data storage firm Seagate have announced a joint initiative to fight counterfeit hard drives using blockchain technology, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph Nov. 8.
US Regulator Issues Cease and Desist Orders Against Three Crypto Promoters
North Dakota Securities Commissioner Karen Tyler has issued cease and desist orders against three firms for allegedly offering unregistered and fraudulent securities in the form of Initial Coin Offerings, according to an announcement published Oct. 11.
China: Oldest Tech Publication to Accept Bitcoin Payments for Premium Subscriptions
China's oldest technology publication, the Beijing SciTech Report, will accept Bitcoin payments for its 2019 subscriptions, reported Asia Times on Oct. 1, 2018.