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The Team Behind CryptoKitties Is One Step Closer to Leaving Ethereum
Dapper Labs product lead Kim Cope speaks at Consensus 2019.One of Ethereum's early stars is pinning its future hopes to a blockchain of its own making.
XRP is the key to Ripple's profitability; here's why that could be a big issue
Ripple's close connections to XRP have long been a polarizing topic within the crypto industry, with the token's detractors claiming that the company's monetization of it via their quarterly sales has come at the expense of investors, while others claim that the token is an unregistered securities product.
CryptoKitties Creator and UFC to Launch Tokenized MMA Tamagotchis
Dapper Labs, the company behind CryptoKitties, has announced a partnership with leading mixed martial arts promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Bitcoin Price Matches Stock-to-Flow Forecast as $100K Halving Nears
Bitcoin now almost perfectly aligns with the historically accurate price chart, which has charted its growth from pennies to digital gold.
One Whale Was Behind Bitcoin's 2017 Bull Run, Claim Researchers
Researchers have escalated their claims about market manipulation in winter 2017, now claiming that a single whale was responsible for Bitcoin's historic price surge.
Analyst Plan B: Weak Dollar Can Upend Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model
The creator of the highly popular Stock-to-Flow model for forecasting the Bitcoin price says he would be happy if it stays valid for the next 12 years.
China Merchants Bank's Latest Crypto Partnership Includes STO Investment
The Nervos Network STO kicks off on Oct. 16, aiming to raise an undisclosed amount within two weeks through the CoinList platform.
IKEA in 'World First' Transaction Using Smart Contracts and Licensed E-Money
IKEA Iceland has taken part in a commercial transaction on ethereum, using smart contracts and licensed e-money to facilitate the settlement of an order from local retailer Nordic Store.
Company behind CryptoKitties raises $11 million to create new blockchain
DapperLabs, the company that created the popular CryptoKitties Ethereum collectibles game, announced the launch of its new blockchain platform-Flow.
CryptoKitties Creator Raises $11 Million from Warner, A16z to Launch Blockchain
Warner Music is collaborating with Dapper Labs, the company behind CryptoKitties, to create a new blockchain called Flow.